M2MScript is JavaScript runtime for M2M ( IoT ) modems Gemalto – Cinterion  TC65i-X, BGS5EGS5, EHS5E and EHS6. These modems can be programmed in Java J2ME, but it is simply and faster and easier with JavaScript NOW!


  • Configuration User Interface on serial or USB port
  • System console on serial or USB port
  • JavaScript virtual machine
  • Event loop model can be combined with multi thread model
  • APIs (event driven)
    • SYSTEM (timers, memory, threads)
    • SMS (sending and receiving sms)
    • GPIO (reading digital inputs, writing digital outputs)
    • AD converter
    • I2C (I2C bus)
    • FILE (accessing to files on FLASH memory)
    • SERIAL (controlling serial ports COM0 and COM1)
    • CALL (controlling incoming calls, originating outgoing calls)
    • HTTP / HTTPS client
    • UDP / TCP-IP (SSL) client
    • BYTEBUFFER (for operations with byte arrays)
    • AT Commands
  • Remote control via SMS commands (update script, download logs …)

In development:

Please, contact us with your requests!

  • APIs
    • SMTP (SSL support)
    • FTP client
    • NMEA client (gps api)
    • GSM, GPRS info (cellular info)
    • JSON
    • M2MTalk protocol
    • MQTT client
    • Modbus